Berkshire Website Design

Berkshire Website Design

We are web designers located in Berkshire that create unique, affordable and engaging web sites for a wide range of clients. We have a real passion for website design that shows in all our creations.

Web Design Agency has been designing websites & mobile web applications for businesses in Berkshire for over 10 years. We're located in the small village of Horton in Berkshire, a stone's throw from London Heathrow Airport. We have built our reputation on our friendly personalised service, affordable fixed price, extensive development experience & commitment to customer service.

In the age of the Internet for a Business to succeed it needs to stand out from the crowd. We can take your ideas and thoughts to create unique visually stunning and fresh websites & mobile web applications (Apps) that do exactly that !

We start all of our projects by understanding your needs and from a SEO - Search Engine Optimization perspective. We take a great deal of pride in our work & our objective is to create an online presence that not only are you proud of but also ranks high in Search Engine results.

Our creations are designed to be responsive; to look and feel differently depending on the type of device used such as mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. But it doesn't stop there; our web creations are also functional. They are designed to promote a business’s products & services, capture information, take sales order, bookings etc. In short, to give you a return on your investment (ROI).

Our Website designs are centred on your needs. That's why all our projects start by understanding your business before designing a solution. We have developed solutions for Restaurants, Estate Agents and Schools. We specialise in animations and E-Commerce websites.

We're always happy to discuss the options available. So call us today on 020 8133 7300 to discuss your requirement.

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Mobile Web Applications - Apps

Don’t you find it frustrating when the website you're viewing from a mobile device loses some of its main features. Everything shrinks, you pinch and zoom and menus are hard to use! You generally end up having to use the desktop computer anyway? Even then, the size of the monitor determines what you can and can't see. That's where Mobile Web Applications - Apps and Responsive Design come into play.

Still not convinced ? Microsoft reported that at some point in 2014 the number of mobile & tablet users will surpass the number of desktop users.

We can create responsive webpages that work equally as well on desktop computers as they do on tablets and mobile devices. They can adapt to the type of browser and device being used to provide a better user experience. The other option is Mobile Web Applications - Apps, which look and feel the same as normal Apps on your phone, which can give your business an edge over your competitors.

If the webpages are more engaging, then a user is more likely to contact you regarding the services that you have to offer or place orders online. It's also important from Search Engine Perspective as content is king.

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Responsive Website Design
Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Having a nice looking website or mobile web application won’t help your business unless people can find you online through Search Engines ! SEO - Search Engine Optimization & SMO - Social Media Optimization is the process of optimizing a website and promoting keywords and phrases to ensure that it ranks higher in Search Engine Web Page Results such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Web Design Agency are well versed in both organic Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization. You can rest assured that we don’t employ any Black Hat methods that can result in site being blacklisted by Google, Bing or other search engine.

As the Search Engine guidelines change, so does the need to make changes to retain a high web page search ranking. That’s why we offer a fixed monthly SEO Package that allows for such changes & other development.

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Responsive Websites

Unique Bespoke Webpages

We create unique and bespoke webpages that use images, videos and animation to promote products and services. They are designed to stand out from your competitor’s sites through innovation and creativity.

Affordable Web Design

The most common question that we're posed is How much will it cost for a new web design ? It won't to cost an arm and leg ! Our solutions are affordable and normally range from as little as £800 to £2,000 depending on the requirements. So why not contact us today to discuss your requirement.

Search Engine

There's no point in having a great looking website if no one can find it ? We create solutions that are designed to rank high in Search Engine Results. We use keywords and phrases to promote the search engine ranking.

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