Mobile App Design

Mobile App Design

User's web browsing habits have changed. No longer tied to a desktop computer, users are now surfing the internet with mobiles, tablets, notebooks and other handheld devices. It has become essential for businesses to respond to these needs by offering mobile web applications.

Bhail Web Design based in Berkshire can design and develop mobile web applications for businesses in Berkshire and West London.

iOS, Android, Windows

One of the main problems encountered in mobile web application design is the different operating platforms such as Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry, Microsoft Windows etc. that exist. This means creating native apps for each platform which can be time consuming and costly. But this also creates another problem, as users would then need to download and install the web apps from the Apps Stores & Marketplaces such as iTunes for each device.

Mobile Web Applications

Bhail Web Design mobile web applications offers an alternative "One Size fits All" solution to mobile web applications. Our mobile web applications can be accessed through a normal web page instead of users downloading apps from the various app stores. If the user browses the web page from a desktop computer they would be presented with a normal web page. But if they access it from a mobile device they would instead be presented with a mobile web application, specific to their mobile device, thats looks, behaves and feels like a normal web application.

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